Junior Scientist Curie Point

Junior Scientist Curie Point

Do - It - Yourself Kit to demonstrate the Curie Law. The principle that the magnetic susceptibility of a paramagnetic substance is inversely proportional to the difference between its temperature and its Curie point. The temperature beyond that at which a ferromagnetic substance exhibits paramagnetic, also called Curie temperature.

Age Group 8 Years to 11 Years

Battery Included NO

Content Plastic L Bracket (2 Nos.), Wire (3 Nos.), Sleeve, Thread, Steel rod, Magnetic ring, D-size battery socket (2 Nos.), Nichrome wire, Plastic base, Square PVC pipe, Bolt, Nut-bolt (4 +4 Nos.), D-size battery (2 Nos.) (not included in the kit), Product Manual

Features Magnetite is a natural magnet. Magnet attracts materials like iron, nickel, cobalt. These are called magnetic materials. Each magnet has two magnetic poles ”North and South. A freely suspended magnet always aligns in N-S direction. Opposite poles of two magnets attract each other whereas similar poles repel one another.

Ideal For School Children from Standard IV to IX

Delivery Period6 to 7 Working Days

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