Junior Scientist

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Junior Scientist Optical Illusion Top Set Of 2 (Study Project)

Enjoy our great range of optical illusion tops. Enjoy our great range of optical illusion tops for k..


Junior Scientist Pantograph (Study Project)

Build your own Pentograph. Pentograph is an instrument for copying a plan or drawing on a different ..


Junior Scientist Pin Hole Camera (Study Project)

Pinhole cameras with a lens to model the human eye. In this activity, students make a pinhole camera..


Junior Scientist Pyramid Puzzle (Study Project)

A pyramid puzzle is a mechanical puzzle (assembly puzzle) consisting of two or m..


Junior Scientist Rattle Back (Study Project)

A rattleback, also called a celt or wobblestone, is an interesting little piece of material with a r..


Junior Scientist Sand Clock (Study Project)

An hour glass, also known as a sand glass or a sand clock, keeps time. When the hour glass was inven..


Junior Scientist Secret Writing (Study Project)

Writing Secret Notes using ChemicalsAge Group : 8 Years to 11 YearsBattery Included : NOCo..


Junior Scientist Simple DC Motor (Study Project)

Do - it - yourself kit to build a simple DC electric motor.Age Group : 8 Years to 11 YearsBatte..


Junior Scientist Simple Galvanoscope (Study Project)

Galvanoscope is an instrument for detecting the existence of an electric current and determining its..


Junior Scientist Simple Rain Gauge (Study Project)

Do -it - yourself kit to find out how much rain falls where you live by making your own rain measure..


Junior Scientist Solar Power Street Light (Study Project)

Do - it - yourself kit to construct Street Light powered by Solar EnergyAge Group : 8 Years to ..


Junior Scientist Solar System Motorised (Study Project)

Explore the universe with astronomyAge Group : 8 Years to 11 YearsBattery Included : NOCon..


Junior Scientist Solar Water Pump (Study Project)

Do - It - Yourself Kit to Build your own Water Pump. A solar-powered pump is a pump running on elect..


Junior Scientist Solenoid (Study Project)

A solenoid is defined as a coil of wire commonly in the form of a long cylinder that when carrying..


Junior Scientist Spherical Magnet (Study Project)

To demonstrate the constant striving of the magnets to stay in perfect balance with each other. Not ..