Junior Scientist

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Junior Scientist Magic Periscope (Study Project)

An Eye Spy Device, build a periscope.Age Group : 8 Years to 11 YearsBattery Included : NOC..


Junior Scientist Maglev Train (Study Project)

Ready Project using powerful electromagnets to develop high-speed trains, called maglev trains. Ma..


Junior Scientist Magnetic Levitation (Gift Pack)

Do - It - yourself Kit to understand Magnetic levitation, maglev, or magnetic suspension, which is a..


Junior Scientist Magnetic Material Finder

An useful model which helps to classify magnetic and non-magnetic materials. It works on the behavio..


Junior Scientist Magnetic Motion

Do - It- Yourself Kit to understand that a paramagnetic substance behaves as a magnetic when it is i..


Junior Scientist Magnetic Top

A brief demonstration and small explanation about the Levitron branded levitating top device which d..


Junior Scientist Magnetism (25 Experiments)

Included in our range is the kit that contains all types of magnets and related components.This..


Junior Scientist Mathe Magic (Study Project)

Mathe magic is an interesting game that helps and improves Arithmetic Skills and Simple Numeric Op..


Junior Scientist Mechanical advantage of Pulleys (Study Project)

Do - It - Yourself kit for Understanding Mechanical Advantage in the Single Sheave Pulley Systems Us..


Junior Scientist Microscope Discting (Study Project)

Build your own MicroScopeAge Group : 8 Years to 11 YearsBattery Included : NOContent :&nbs..


Junior Scientist Microscope Semi Compound (Study Project)

This unique optical construction kit lets you build your own microscopes. Young scientists will get ..


Junior Scientist Musical Drum (Study Project)

Do - it - Yourself kit to Customize Your Own Musical Drum SetAge Group : 8 Years to 11 YearsBat..


Junior Scientist Newton Colour Disc (Study Project)

Do - it - Yourself kit to learn that the light that we all perceive as white is actually a mixture o..


Junior Scientist No Magnet Motor (Study Project)

Do - It - Yourself Kit to build a Motor without using permanent Magnet with a concept of Electromagn..


Junior Scientist Optical Illusion Kit (Study Project)

Do - It - Yourself kit to begin your exploration of optical illusions.Enjoy our great range of optic..