Junior Scientist

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Junior Scientist Fire Extinguisher (Study Project)

Build your own Fire ExtinguisherAge Group : 8 Years to 11 YearsBattery Included : NOConten..


Junior Scientist Floating Magnetic (Study Project)

Do - It - Yourself Kit to discover how to place magnets so they either attract or repel one another ..


Junior Scientist Fun With Megnet (2 Activity)

Make a magnetic weight scale / magnetic springMake various geometrical shapes with the help of magne..


Junior Scientist Green energy (Study Project)

Do - it - Yourself kit to found a new way to produce electricity from chemical reactionsAge Group :&..


Junior Scientist Hanging Solar System (Study Project)

Build your own Hanging Solar System.Children can make the real looking solar system and hand it in t..


Junior Scientist Hover Craft (Study Project)

Hovercraft is a popular scientific toy, this toy has been developed on the basis of a particu..


Junior Scientist How Things Work 35ACT (Study Project)

Kids will have fun exploring how things works with these Do – it – Yourself kit. The kit aims at..


Junior Scientist Hydraulic Brake (Study Project)

Do - it - Yourself kit to build your own Hydraulic BrakeAge Group : 8 Years to 11 YearsBattery ..


Junior Scientist Hydraulic Earth Mover (Study Project)

Explore hydraulics and Build Your Own Hydraulic JCB. Hydraulics utilizes liquids through varying pip..


Junior Scientist Hydraulic JCB With Wired Control (Study Project)

Explore hydraulics and engineering with Build Your Own Hydraulic JCB. Childrens will be excited to k..


Junior Scientist Induction Engine (Study Project)

Build your own Induction EngineAge Group : 8 Years to 11 YearsBattery Included : NOContent..


Junior Scientist Inverting Tops Set of 2 (Study Project)

A spinning top is not just a child story. It is also an adult toy, in the sense that it helps to hav..


Junior Scientist Kaleidoscope (Study Project)

Tiny Model of Kaleidoscope.Kaleidoscope is an optical instrument in which b..


Junior Scientist Kaleidoscope Making Kit (Study Project)

Do - It - Yourself kit to build your own Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope is an optical&nbs..


Junior Scientist Magdeburg Hemisphere (Study Project)

Magdeburg hemispheres are two half-spheres of equal size, is a toy demonstrating air pressure withou..