Junior Scientist

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Junior Scientist 20 IN 1 Science Toys Set (Study Project)

Age Group : 5 Years to 7 YearsContent : Assorted MaterialIdeal For :  School Children from..


Junior Scientist Auto Pilot Accelerometer (Study Project)

The project shows how change in Direction is sensed by pilot of aircraft.(AGE GROUP 14 TO 17 YEARS..


Junior Scientist Basic Electricity 18ACT (Study Project)

Kids will have fun exploring electricity with these Do it Yourself kit. The kit aims at facilitating..


Junior Scientist Bell Making Kit (Study Project)

An electric bell is made to ring by passing a current through an electromagnet, which become magneti..


Junior Scientist Blow Mill (Study Project)

Do - it - yourself kit to build your own Blow AGE GROUP 15 TO 25 YEARS. SIZE APPROX : L: 6" - W..


Junior Scientist Bristle Bot (Study Project)

The BRISTLEBOT is take on the popular vibrobot.A simple category of robot that is controlled by a si..


Junior Scientist Buzz Wire (Study Project)

The Hand Steadiness Tester is a game which tests the steadiness of your hand. Make an interesting ..


Junior Scientist Cartesian Divers Set Of 2 (Study Project)

The Cartesian diver has a cap with a central tube. Initially, the diver is in the top layer of water..


Junior Scientist DC Generator (Study Project)

Based on the principle of production of dynamically induced emf,. This has two major parts-a magnet..


Junior Scientist Doppler Effect (Study Project)

Do - it - yourself kit to learn Doppler Effect of Sound waves. The Doppler effect is observed whenev..


Junior Scientist Eco Car (Study Project)

Do -It - Yourself Kit to build your own An electric car is driven by a DC electric motor, powered by..


Junior Scientist Electric Bug (Student Project)

The electric bug is a robotic insect. It normally buzzes around at random, but you might be able to..