Kusam Meco Digital Stroboscope Tachometer KM 2240

Kusam Meco Digital Stroboscope Tachometer KM 2240

Features & Specifications :

Stroboscope is a flash - frequency velocity measuring device. It is a rotation speed measuring device that makes use of persistence of vision (when the light source

synchronize with the rotation speed of an object at a pre-set flashing frequency, a relatively static phenomenon called visual persistence will occur).

In the course of observation of an object that rotates or moves at a high speed ,adjust the flashing frequency of the device to synchronize it

with rotation or movement speed of the object. .

Although the object being measured moves at a high- speed, it appears to move slowly or static.

This is an optical phenomenon of visual persistence whereby high -speed movement of an object can be easily observed with the naked eye. By using this method, the rotation speed of various rotating objects can be measured, and the movement and defect on the surface of an object can be inspected or detected.

It is widely used to detect the defects on the surface and movement track of high - speed rotating objects such as various types of rotors, meshing gears, vibration diagnostic equipment as well as textiles, printing production lines etc.

Technical Specifications
Range60 -20,000 RPM / FPM
Input Voltage4 x 1.5 V AAA Battery
Accuracy+- 0.05%
Resolution<1000 RPM : 0.1 RPM / FPM, ≥1000 RPM : 1RPM / FPM
Display5 Digits 20,000 Counts backlight LCD display
Delivery Period6 to 7 working days
Warranty1 Year manufacturing defects only.

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