Junior Scientist Pantograph (Study Project)

Junior Scientist Pantograph (Study Project)

Build your own Pentograph. Pentograph is an instrument for copying a plan or drawing on a different scale by a system of hinged and jointed rods.a jointed framework conveying a current to a train, tram, or other electric vehicle from overhead wires.The first pantograph was constructed in 1603 by the German astronomer Christoph Scheinerand who used it to copy a figure on an enlarged or reduced scale. He wrote about his invention over 27 years later (1631), in "Pantographice". The tool is still being used today by some artists and architects to Create an outline.

Age Group 8 Years to 11 Years

Battery Included NO

Content : Plastic Bush, Jig A,B,C, Nut Bolt, Plastic Washer, Pencil, Product Manual

Ideal For School Children from Standard IV to IX

Delivery Period6 to 7 Working Days

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