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Timers & Counters

Timers & Counters

Electronic timers are essentially quartz clocks with special electronics, and can achieve higher precision than mechanical timers. Electronic timers have digital electronics, but may have an analog or digital display. Integrated circuits have made digital logic so inexpensive that an electronic timer is now less expensive than many mechanical and electro mechanical timers. Individual timers are implemented as a simple single-chip computer system, similar to a watch and usually using the same, mass-produced, technology.

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Selec Counter XC200NX

Features & Specifications :Display Type : LEDDisplay Configuration : 6 digitsOutput Contact : DP..


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EAPL Electronic Timer B1DCA-X -12%

EAPL Electronic Timer B1DCA-X

Features :Din sized enclosure for Track (Din rail) / Screw mounting.Program - enable / disable facil..

र1,200.00 र1,056.00

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EAPL Multi Function Timer H3D1 -12%

EAPL Multi Function Timer H3D1

Features :Din sized enclosure for Panel / Flush mounting having front protective cover for safety.Ti..

र1,270.00 र1,120.00

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