Temperature Scanner

Temperature Scanner
A Temperature Scanner is a device that measures more than one temperature points or multi-channel. It is actually a multi-channel indicator that measures and displays signals of each channel one-by-one up to last channel and then returns to first channel and continues the process cyclically. This continuous cyclic process of measurement is called scanning. Temperature is most widely measured parameter in industry. By using a temperature scanner, temperature of multiple points can be measured in a single unit thus saving cost and space. Thus Temperature scanners are also called as multi-point indicators / scanners. Temperature Scanners are essentially based on digital technology or microprocessor/ microcontroller based. It is capable of measuring temperature from resistance temperature sensors like RTD Pt100 or from different types of thermocouples like J, K, R, S, T, B, E and N.
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Multispan 8 Channel Scanner MS-5708 -20%

Multispan 8 Channel Scanner MS-5708

Features & Specifications :Display7 segment, 4 digit, 0.56” LED display - Process Value.7 segmen..

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